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Investment in manufacturing in Australia
05/09/2017 01:31 AM

DIC Australia has now completed commissioning of our new waterbased ink manufacturing facility in Sydney. This is a significant investment in Australian manufacturing and a strong vote of confidence from the DIC Board in Tokyo and of DIC Australia’s future as a manufacturer and provider of services and solutions to the printing industry in our region.

Mother Plant -
Globally across DIC and Sun Chemical, manufacturing plants have been established to specialize in products and services for the regions. DIC Australia was already a Mother Plant for News Inks for South East Asia, exporting to Singapore Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand.
Sydney is now also a Mother Plant for SEA for water based inks, supplying service and products to customers in ML China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand.

Solvent based flexo and gravure -
Our Solvent based liquid inks plant has also had a significant upgrade as we focus on our objective to be the lowest cost provider of quality flexo and gravure inks into the ANZ market into the future. Our local team form the Centre Of Excellence for DIC in SEA and work with brand owners and customers alike to deliver compliant products for the packaging industry.

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